Keep Your ISP Honest is proud to offer our award winning support and monitoring for

Any Internet Connection



Test the quality of your Internet latency

Voice over IP / Video over IP applications are very sensitive to latency

Latency monitoring provides a powerful tool to troubleshoot your Internet connection


Monitor dropped packets

Dropped packets cause your data to re-transmit

Re-transmissions will make your VoIP sound like you’re under water and slow down your Internet monitoring gives you an external view of your Internet connection


Ensure you are able to push the bandwidth which you pay for monthly

7 Mbps , 11 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 50 Mbps— it’s all just writing on paper until you actually maintain and download at those speeds

Let us help prove you are or aren’t getting the advertised speeds

Knowing how much you use helps you buy what you really need

Know why your Internet is slow


Receive SMS and email alerts to confirm outages

Get 3rd party confirmation that your Internet is down

No more run around from tier 1 tech support

Get outage notifications when you’re away from the office


Website Blocking

With WAN Managment, stops your users from accessing restricted websites

This is particularly useful in keeping users from accessing pornographic web sites or social media sites during working hours

Be on the look out for viruses or illegal downloading

Excess incoming or outgoing traffic during off-hours can indicate infection or illegal downloads

Stopping unnecessary traffic will help keep your IP record clean as well as improve the quality of your Internet

Have the evidence that you are not downloading files

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