@Lava.net Email Changes – Action Required

Quick notes:

Lava.net Users -

Thank you for being a very loyal customer to Lava.net. We always try to ensure the best technical solution for you. In 2011 we migrated from internally hosted email to Google Apps ISP Edition. We moved because Google Apps is the best solution for any email when it comes to spam filtering, email sorting , collaboration and documents. And we still believe it is.

What’s The Plan :

We plan on turning Lava.net into a forwarding service.  All users will need to open a mailbox with a provider (we recommend Gmail.com , Yahoo.com or Outlook.com). This should make users happy because it give flexibility of provider.  Lava.net will not be keeping any emails, we will be sending email with TLS encryption whenever possible , but storage and protecting your emails will be based on your chosen mailbox provider.

If you ever considered having a custom domain, now would be a great time to do it. See attached for cost. There are VoIP and DSL Discounts for Google Apps for Work accounts.

Steps :

  1. Start a email account at Gmail.com , Yahoo.com or Outlook.com
  2. Change all your settings on your mobile , laptop,  outlook etc to use the new mailbox for incoming and outgoing mail.
  3. Let us know the new address and we will forward @lava.net mail there.
  4. Migrate your mail / contacts / calendar / docs / Youtube uploads to your new account. If you’d like us to do it for you we have a flat rate of $75 to migrate your information.

What Happened :

In late September 2014 Google Apps informed Lava.net that the ISP Edition was no longer going to be supported. Reacting to the news we decided that the platform was still the best solution and passing on additional cost was the best method of handling the cost increase. Thus the email that went out with the subject line “Lava.net – 30GB Storage & 2 Factor Authentication coming May 1, 2015″ , Our plan was to migrate to Google Apps for Work Edition and increase mailboxes from $5 to $9 (just passing on cost).

In late December 2014 Google Apps informed Lava.net that reselling to a 3rd party is against its terms and conditions. ANY domain that was using Google Apps for ISP Edition would have to move off Google 100%. Google also give the additional reason that some settings would not work in ISP Environments. Lava.net has since pushed back on both issues, but without success. It does bring up issues that enterprises must take into account when moving to Google Apps for Work:

  1. Are you reselling email accounts to employees?

“2.6 Restrictions on Use. Unless Google specifically agrees in writing, Customer will not, and will use commercially reasonable efforts to make sure a third party does not: (a) sell, resell, lease or the functional equivalent, the Services to a third party (unless expressly authorised in this Agreement); (b) attempt to reverse engineer the Services or any component; (c) attempt to create a substitute or similar service through use of or access to the Services; (d) use the Services for High Risk Activities; or (e) use the Services to store or transfer any Customer Data that is controlled for export under Export Control Laws.  Customer is solely responsible for any applicable compliance with HIPAA.” http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en-in/terms/premier_terms.html

  1. Are you ok with a Global Address list being potentially open to all users?

“The Google Apps for Work admin console configurations are focused on business use cases and ISP Edition customers do not need (or want) functionality such as global address lists or domain-wide sharing. Although some of these features can be disabled within the Google Apps for Work admin control panel, there is no persistent way to prevent that same functionality from being accidentally re-enabled.”


write up on the issue : http://viodi.com/2014/09/25/googles-actions-hurt-broadband-rollout-particularly-in-rural-america/

A Pioneer For Its Customers – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3e7v_xlJes

Google – “Talk to Us” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEf3ZmPCEd4



Protect Your Lava.net Account!

With the cyber attacks on major corporations like Target and Sony grabbing headlines, it’s a good time to review your account security:

Password Security:

Your password is the first line of defense from attackers. Choosing a good password that has letters, numbers, and symbols is only the first step. You should not reuse passwords for many sites, especially for sensitive accounts such as your Lava.net email, bank, or online shopping accounts. Changing your password regularly also reduces the risk that someone can access your account.

Password Resets:

Lava.net does not know or keep your password and will never ask for you password.  Your password should be a personal secret and never shared with anyone else. If you forget your password, you can always call us as 545-5282!

Update your security and notification settings:

By checking and updating your account’s security settings you can protect yourself even more. For example, if you set a cell phone number you can receive notification of a suspicious login. If you normally login from Hawaii and then a login was detected from a foreign country, it will be blocked and you will receive a notification asking you to confirm if the login is legitimate.


An automatic system proactively monitors accounts for suspicious activity but it is not perfect. We urge to contact us immediately when you think your account has been compromised. On May 1st, 2015 we will enable 2-factor authentication as an option feature you can use to improve account security. In addition to using good account security practices you should make sure your computer software and anti-virus protection is up to date. We recommend all of our customers use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in addition to the updated software mentioned.

Seasons Greetings!

‘Tis the seasons Tri-net, Lava.net, and Aloha Tone Customers!

Our hours of operation for the important holiday dates are listed below. If your require assistance with any of your services please contact us as soon as possible. Our support numbers are listed on the right hand side of this page.

Don’t forget to set holiday messages and greetings for your Aloha Tone phone system!

Lava.net customers can follow this desktop guide to set up an out of office reply that will end automatically on a date of your choosing.

  • Christmas Eve – 8 A.M. to 12 P.M.
  • Christmas Day – Closed
  • New Year’s Eve – 8 A.M. to 12 P.M.
  • New Year’s Day – Closed

The Tri-net Solutions Family of Companies wishes you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Filter Unwanted Email and Spam

Lava.net Customers can take advantage of our Google Apps hosted webmail platform to combat Spam and unwanted messages by using these four tips!

How to Block Unwanted Messages

Tip #1: Reporting Spam

Our automated spam filtering system does a fantastic job at blocking those pesky messages from ever reaching your inbox. If you do receive spam you can report it by clicking the exclamation point  icon above the message. This will train the spam filter to identify what kinds of messages you receive are spam.

Tip #2: Unsubscribe from email list or updates

The CAN-SPAM Act sets legal requirements for most companies to send commercial emails to you. One of these requirements is that they must provide you a way to unsubscribe or opt out of their emails. Look for a link on the bottom of promotional emails that allow you to unsubscribe or change your email preferences.

Tip #3: Use Filters and Inbox Tabs

We have posted previous guides on how to use Filters and Inbox sorting, check these links out for more information.

Tip #4: Restrict who you give personal information to

By never giving out your personal information via email, you can ensure that your inbox and identity stay safe. Never give out your password to anyone, even Lava.net staff. Be weary of people or online forms asking you for email address. You can also refer to this video that we posted on how to check the legitimacy of an email

Mahalo Lava.net Customers, stay safe while your surf the web!

Security Alert: Default Passwords

Hau’oli La Ho’omakika’i!

All of us here at Lava.net, Aloha Tone, and Tri-net Solutions send our well wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving.

On a more serious note, there have been media reports that highlight the dangers of default passwords. Many computer security issues can be attributed to weak and default passwords. If you purchased a web connected device like a router, IP camera, network/WiFi printer, or even baby monitor you should follow the User Guide or Manual to set an administrative login.

The Russian site mentioned in media reports is simply accessing IP cameras with a default password, and in some cases without a password at all. This allows anyone in the world to connect and view what is happening, in most cases this undesirable. You wouldn’t want everyone in the world with an internet connection to see you cook dinner or watch TV.

As more and more devices become internet enabled the problem has grown. Imagine if someone could remotely control your new wireless multifunction printer? It could be as harmless and annoying as someone printing out spam and annoying flyers. It could cost you money by printing completely black pages and wasting ink. What about your privacy? It could be at risk if you made a copy of personal information and forgot to remove it from the scanner bed.

One big misconception with routers is that after changing the WiFi passwords the router is secure. Most people do not realize that the WiFi password is not the only password on a router. The vast majority of all routers have a default administrative password. Leaving this unchanged could allow an attacker to remotely control your router. A hijacked router then can redirect your internet traffic to a server that an attacker controls, not only could they see what websites you visited but they could change what is displayed on your computer. For example the attacker could monitor your traffic to see what bank you use, then create a fake version of the site and redirect your login. They would be stealing your information without a clear indication that you are compromised.

Customers with our Keep Your ISP Honest service are provided with a router that we secure and set strong passwords on. The router also protects your connected devices by using NAT technology that prevents an attacker from directly talking to your devices, printers, or cameras. Our 24/7 always on monitoring not only helps with security issues but connection quality and speed. We log data on your connection and how your devices utilize the internet, this provides valuable data when your internet becomes unresponsive.

If you do not have our KYIH service and router and would like more information, contact Lava.net today!

Track and Organize Your Inbox!

Happy Thanksgiving Lava.net Customers!

Do you want to get your inbox organized to prepare for all those Holiday eCards? Wish there was a way to sort out those Black Friday deals automatically? Configure your inbox to use tabs and sorting today!

Unsorted Default Inbox


Tabbed and Sorted


By clicking on the Gear icon SNP_2970278_en_v0on the top right corner and selecting “Configure inbox”. From there you can choose which tabs you would like enabled, you can enable one or all of the follow tabs:

  • Primary: This includes emails from family, friends, and other common recipients along with unsorted mail
  • Social: Emails from social networks, online dating sites, gaming platforms, and sharing sites will appear here
  • Promotions: Offers, sales, special deals, and other promotional and marketing emails are included
  • Updates: Statements, bills, receipts, and confirmations emails will be stored here
  • Forums: Groups, forums, mailing list, and other mass group messaging networks

Understanding Where Messages Go and How to Find Them

For more information you can check out the links below!

Inbox tabs and category labels

What is Archiving?

Find missing email

Using desktop programs with Google Drive

Aloha Lava.net Ohana,

Google Drive now integrates directly with your local applications like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Photoshop. You can download the Google Drive program to access your Drive as a folder on your computer and sync files to the cloud. This is just like Dropbox or Box.net but already included with your Lava.net account! You can watch this video to learn how to upload to Drive.

Drive is available wherever you need it! PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android supported!


If you haven’t done so already we recommend switching to Google Chrome because it auto update to protect you. Take a look at our latest security alert about POODLE for more information about browser protection. Google Chrome users can download this extension that integrates all of your programs with the Lava.net Google Drive Web interface

Files can now be opened directly using our web interface!

Files in the cloud can never be lost due to a computer failure and all files uploaded and shared on Google Drive are scanned for viruses. We hope you take advantage of your included Google Drive space!

Mahalo for choosing Lava.net!

Aloha Tone: Say Aloha to Your Old Phone System

Happy Halloween Lava.net Customers!

Are you getting the spooks when you have to deal with your business phone system?  Our sister company Aloha Tone offers a feature rich IP phone system backed by local support on Oahu.

Aloha Tone’s cloud PBX can replace your dial tone, fax machine, and answering IVR service, while providing you powerful features like incoming fax/voicemail to email, call recording, and password protected conference calls. We configure advanced features like eFax, auto answering menus, and call routing to your needs as an individual customer. Changes to your phone system can be made in less than 24 hours giving you the flexibility needed to maximize the value of your hosted PBX system! Every single extension can have a direct number to call and we can even set up a toll-free number for you business.

Aloha Tone: it’s for you

Aloha Tone’s PBX phone software is in the cloud, there is no sever or special device that you need to maintain on site. The dedicated cloud PBX receives calls via eight data centers around the world. If your premise is destroyed or inoperable due to a disaster like fire, our cloud based service will continue to answer and route calls to any phone you like. Moving or growing your phone system is easy with us, just give us a call and we will help move or add phones anywhere there is an internet connection.

Check out these links for more information!

Aloha Tone Info Sheet
Aloha Tone Service Guarantee
Aloha Tone VVX 400 Phone 

We are currently offering free VVX 400 phones: Call Aloha Tone today at 848-8888!

Group Video Conference with Hangouts!

Aloha Lava.net customers!

Did you know you a powerful conferencing and chat tool is right at your fingertips? With Google Hangouts you can chat and video conference for free! Have up to ten participants in a group conference and even add a phone participant in the USA for free! To get started with video chats download the free Google Hangouts plugin/app to your PC, iOS, or Android device and sign in to your Lava.net account.

Webmail integration 

Lava.net Mail

You can chat with anyone who has Google Hangouts right from our webmail by using the chat sidebar, just type their email to invite them to a hangout. From there you can add other participants and even start a video call, there is no separate website or software needed if you would like to just chat.

Hangout wherever you go!

Google Hangouts has much to offer and we recommend checking out these resources to learn about all the features you can use!

Google Hangouts Help Center
Ultimate Guide to Google Hangouts
Share Your Screen with Hangouts

Security Alert: POODLE

Good day Lava.net Customers,

A new web security threat has emerged called POODLE that can compromise your personal information. Normally your connection to our webmail or bank is secure and encrypted and you see a padlock symbol or “https” in your internet browser. POODLE allows an attacker downgrade this encryption to lower level, SSL 3.0, that is not sufficient to protect your personal information.

Lava.net services will be disabling SSL 3.0 to prevent this attack on our services such as webmail, however we strongly suggest that you download latest Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to protect yourself against POODLE. Both Firefox and Chrome automatically update to protect you, in conjunction your antivirus, from the latest threats. Automatic updating means you never have to deal with hassle of clicking through an installer or updater while still receiving all the newest features and enhancements for Firefox or Chrome. Mozilla and Google will be disabling SSL 3.0 in their browsers so if you have them currently, you will be automatically updated to receive POODLE protection.




Mahalo for choosing Lava.net!